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Hi, my name is Robert Laude.

I'm not just another coach; I'm a seasoned aidworker and recruitment expert with over a decade of experience guiding individuals like you towards fulfilling careers that leave a genuine impact.

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With my team in South Sudan

My Background

•    Experience in Humanitarian Work: Over a decade of field and headquarters humanitarian aid experience in significant roles such as Country Director Indonesia, Deputy Country Director Papua New Guinea, Program Manager Africa, Head of Africa Office, Logistics Coordinator Indonesia, Field Coordinator Sudan, Base Manager South Sudan, HMA Project Manager Laos & Vietnam with reputable international organizations,
•    Expertise in Recruitment: Profound understanding of the recruitment process within the humanitarian sector, having read hundreds of resumes and conducted interviews for various roles.
•    Career Coaching: More than 1,000 hours of career coaching, helping individuals find fulfilling careers that make a genuine impact.


How I Can Help You

•    Career Focus: Aid in sharpening your career focus by identifying strengths, exploring career paths, and defining achievable goals.
•    Application Crafting: Guide you in crafting powerful applications that showcase your unique value proposition, moving away from generic templates to develop compelling narratives.
•    Interview Preparation: Train you to become an interviewing pro, practicing common questions and refining your responses.
•    Finding Your Perfect Fit: Dedicated to helping you find roles that align with your values, fuel your passion, and enable you to make a real difference.

Why Choose Me

•    Unlike generic coaches, my background in both the field and recruitment within the humanitarian sector provides a unique perspective and understanding of the challenges you face.

•    My approach is tailored to your individual needs, focusing on leveraging your skills to empower communities and achieve a satisfying career.

•    With my guidance, you'll learn to speak the language of recruiters, avoid common pitfalls, and deliver what hiring managers are looking for.

By partnering with me, you're not just gaining a coach; you're gaining an ally dedicated to empowering you to focus on your important work, knowing your career is in capable hands.

"Let's move beyond the frustration
and take the next step towards
your ideal humanitarian role."

If you're ready to navigate the complexities of the humanitarian sector with an expert by your side, to craft compelling applications, and to approach interviews with confidence, then
it's time we talked.

Book your free consultation today and step into
a future where your work truly matters.

"Robert helped me realize my own potential, boosting my confidence and job search success. His tips and resources were really helpful!"


Nutrition Officer

"Robert taught me a great deal during our time in South Sudan and made me realize my full potential." 

Base Manager

"Responsive, supportive, and insightful – Robert is the ideal coach for aid workers seeking career guidance. His expertise and genuine care made our sessions very productive and enjoyable." 

Country Director

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