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Fellow Aid Worker

Finding Your Next Job Opportunity
Starts Here

Are you on the hunt for your next opportunity, seeking a role that aligns perfectly with your unique aspirations and identity? Perhaps you're contemplating a new direction or even a complete career shift but feel unsure where to start.

The good news is, you're not alone. I've been in your shoes, grappling with these very questions, navigating the uncertain path to fulfilling career milestones. Through my experiences, I uncovered valuable insights that can help you chart your own course.

With team members in South Sudan

My Journey & How It Shapes Our Path Forward

From Field to Career Guidance: A Shared Experience

My journey through the ranks of humanitarian aid—garnering roles from Base Manager to Regional Coordinator and Program Manager in Africa to Deputy and Country Director positions—has not only elevated my career but also sparked a passion for recruitment.

This dual perspective, as both candidate and hiring manager, has endowed me with a deep understanding of the recruitment landscape's nuances.

My Aid Worker Career Path

Introducing Jobs For Humanitarians

Empowering Your Career in Humanitarian Work

Drawing from a decade of rich experiences across four continents with leading international aid organizations,
I decided to pivot my career towards HR, specializing as a career consultant and job coach.

In 2018, I established Jobs For Humanitarians with a mission to empower aid workers like you by:


Find Your Fit:
Customized Strategies for Your Job Hunt

Develop personalized job search strategies that align with your career goals, ensuring you focus on opportunities that match your skills and aspirations.

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Get Noticed:
Create Job Applications That Open Doors

Enhance your chances of landing interviews with custom-tailored job applications that highlight your strengths and differentiate you from the competition.

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Interview with Confidence: Shine Bright in Your Next Career Move

Empower yourself with the confidence and skills needed to excel in interviews, effectively communicating your unique value to potential employers and securing your desired role.

What My Clients Say
Hear From Those Who've Walked This Path

"Robert's coaching was a game-changer; straightforward and impactful."


Desk Officer

"Robert turned my job search around. His guidance is invaluable!"

M&E Manager


"Innovative and supportive, Robert truly uplifts the humanitarian sector."

Protection Officer

Ready to Discover Your Career Path?

Take the First Step Towards Your Next Chapter

Ready to take the next step? Book a complimentary Zoom call with me. It's an opportunity to discuss where you stand in your career and explore your future aspirations.

Whether this initial conversation provides the insight you need, or you decide to pursue further guidance, the first step is simply reaching out.

I look forward to connecting with you and exploring the possibilities that await in your humanitarian career.

Warm regards,

"Robert transformed my job search. He actively listened, identified hidden roadblocks, and offered insightful solutions. I landed the job thanks to him!"


Robert, Founder & Career Coach

What My Clients Say
Hear From Those Who've Walked This Path

Robert helped me realize my own potential, boosting my confidence and job search success. His tips and resources were really helpful.


Desk Officer

I was feeling lost and confused about my future career path. After just one session with Robert, I felt like I had a clear direction and a plan to achieve my goals.

Project Manage

After 15 unsuccessful applications, I reached out to Robert. His guidance on refining my documents landed me an interview. His advice made a real difference

Protection Officer

Robert's coaching was incredibly helpful! His USAID interview prep was invaluable! I landed the job thanks to him.



Robert provided job interview training for me, which helped me to reflect on my experience and strengths during the interview. And it worked... *thumbsup*. Thank you!

Emergency Surgeon

Aced my job search thanks to Robert! He's awesome!

NOHA Graduate

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